The goal of this course is to learn about the advances in smart and connected systems. The course content mainly includes research papers on mobile and embedded systems; sensing, control, and actuation systems; autonomous and intelligent systems; and cyber-physical systems. Each offering of this course has a different theme. In this semester, we will study batteryless computing platforms and RF sensing. Labs will teach how to develop a custom printed circuit board.

  • The syllabus is accessible here.
  • The guidelines for presentation, synopsis, and labs are accessible here.
  • List of things to purchase is here.
  • The list of student presentations is here.


DateClass 1Class 2
08/27Introduction [ppsx]
09/10Presentation 1 - Aaron [paper]Lab 1 - Arduino Digital I/O [ppsx] [lab1]
09/17Class cancelled due to the hurricane. Lab 2 is now a home work. Presentation 2 moved to 9/24.
09/24Office hours (Monday 12:30 PM and 4 PM) for those who need help with Lab 1 and 2 [lab1] [lab2]
09/24Presentations 2 and 3 - Ram [paper], Lisa [paper]Lab 3 - Three LEDs (Breadboard) [lab3]
10/01Presentation 4 - Jie [paper]Lab 4 - Three LEDs (Schematic) [lab4]
10/08Presentation 5 - Abu [paper]Lab 5 - Three LEDs (PCB) [lab5]
10/15Presentation 6 - Zhiyuan [paper]Lab 6 - Arduino Music Box (Breadboard) [lab6]
10/22Presentation 7 - Yubo [paper]Lab 7 - Arduino Music Box (Schematic) [lab7]
10/29Presentation 8 - Kedrian [paper]Lab 8 - Arduino Music Box (PCB) [lab8]
11/05Class cancelled due to university closure.
11/12Midterm Exam and PCB Ordering Deadline.
11/19Presentation 9 - Dan [paper]Lab 9 - Soldering Practice
11/26Presentation 10 - Jay [paper]Lab 10 - Arduino Music Box (Soldering)
12/03Presentation 11 - Hao [paper]Presentation 12 - Yixin [paper]
TBDFinal Exam and Final PCB Submission

Understanding the Weekly Deadlines

  • Everyone (except the presenter) has to submit the synopsis of the paper of the week through Sakai. For example, Aaron will present a paper on September 10. He will upload his presentation, and everyone else will upload a synopsis of the paper. The deadline for these is the same day when the paper is presented, i.e. September 10.
  • Everyone will start (and hopefully, complete) the lab during the class time. The deadline for submitting the lab assignment to Sakai will be the next lab. For example, on September 10, we will do the Arduino digital I/O lab in class. You will have until September 17 to upload the completed assignment to Sakai.